The Challenge of Mushroom Cultivation: What Measurement Technology Must Achieve

Sensors that are used for climate control in mushroom cultivation must provide reliable measurement results at constantly high humidity and released spores.

Any unplanned deviation has a negative effect on mushroom growth and harvest.

 If sensing elements are exposed to particularly high humidity over a long period of time, condensation and condensation-related deposits can lead to corrosion and impair the measuring performance.


 Released spores settle throughout the entire system. Due to contamination by the fungal threads, inaccurate or false measurement results may occur.  


Industrial mushroom cultivation therefore requires sensors that are particularly resistant to contamination and measure accurately and reliably even under high humidity conditions.

The E+E Solutions for Mushroom Cultivation

E+E Elektronik offers CO2, humidity and temperature sensors, which are ideally suited for climate monitoring in mushroom cultivation due to a number of innovative features.

  • EE872 Probe
    The EE872 is available with a robust IP65 stainless steel or plastic enclosure.


Heated CO2 Probe for High Humidity Applications

The EE872 is a 4 in 1 probe that measures CO2, humidity, temperature and ambient pressure. In the heated version, the robust probe is particularly suitable for use in mushroom cultivation. Heating prevents the sensing module from condensation, which means that the EE872 performs reliably even in high humidity environments. Additionally the EE872 also calculates the dew point temperature.


EE872 Key Features:

 4 in 1 probe (CO2, RH, T, p)

 Heated probe version (CO2, p)

 Pollution resistant CO2 measuring principle with auto-calibration

 Interchangeable sensing module

 Various filter caps

 Active pressure and temperature compensation

 Protection class IP65

 Analogue output or RS485 interface with Modbus RTU    

Watch the EE872 product video


Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Continuous High Humidity

The EE211 has a heated humidity probe and a separate, interchangeable temperature probe. The humidity probe provides reliable and long-term stable measurement results even under permanent high humidity conditions, as the heating prevents condensation from forming on the sensing element. Out of the ambient temperature measured by the temperature probe and the dew point temperature based on the humidity probe's readings, the EE211 accurately calculates the relative humidity and other humidity related parameters.


EE211 Key Features: 

 Heated humidity probe

 Interchangeable temperature probe with remote connection

 Humidity sensing element with protective E+E sensor coating

 Cast electronics

 Optional display

 IP65/ NEMA4 enclosure

 Analogue output or RS485 interface with Modbus RTU    

  • EE211 Humidity and temperature sensor
    The EE211 features a heated humidity probe and a separate, interchangeable temperature probe.

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